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Fox Hill Farm & K9

 German Shepherd Puppies ready to go January 2019!

Snuggie & Greta

Family Companion GSD litter


Nike, with her 9 puppies, enjoying the sun!

Darius vom Kraftwerk III

OFA Good Hips

Greta enjoying a roll on Plum Island

Congratulations Grim on placing 2nd in apprehension and 3rd overall at this year's PD1 competition/certification!

 click here to view our entire album of the PD1 on facebook

We have PUPPIES!!

Brigitte & Eva's Obedience Performance Schutzhund Nationals 2012


Greta & Snuggie puppies! 1-7-2014

Enjoying the snowy beach 2014

 Troy Casey's K-9 Boston Police Academy


Pet Portraits with Barbuzzi Creations

Happy Thanksgiving!

My birthday message

Echo von der Nordsee sharing an important dog training message

Honor a veteran

Congratulations to Brian Tarnowski and Brodie Von Der Haus Martin for earning their APr1 at Inner City Schutzhund Club.

To her grandfather's surprise, this adorable 1 year old who was always panicked around animals, felt comfort and affection for our sweet and gentle Greta.

A little more about Elaine & Remmy

Eva von der Nordsee with her new brother, Mugzy

"Liam von der Nordsee" is now enjoying life in Malibu, CA.

Snuggie & Ulu working :) A HUGE thanks to Sam La Rochelle for her awesome shots!

"Snuggie" is officially OFA Good hips/elbows! Pictured the night he arrived at the airport at 8 weeks.

Greta found a horse shoe crab the last beach day of summer.

Meme's puppies are 4 weeks old!

Snuggie & Greta waiting patiently at the marina.

Echo von der Nordsee is student of the week here dog training at Fox Hill Farm. Visit our Dog Training Page to view other featured

"In Training K9's"

Yahtzee & Brigitte photo taken by Scotty Franco

Yahtzee van Meerhout by hunthorse

Good Luck to Eiko von der Nordsee as a NH K9 in the Patrol Academy!

Congratulations to Cory Taylor and Grim on certifying for K9 Patrol for Belmont PD!

Thank you Dave Barbuzzi for sharing your wonderful photos of Echo von der Nordsee!

Please help support Amesbury K-9,

KBAR is retiring!

Loki & Brigitte

Greta enjoying herself at a modeling job for NY fashion designer, Emerson Fry


Very proud to announce Ulu & Brigitte earned  French Ring's CSAU today at 16 months of age!


We're expecting puppies!


Congratulations Snuggie & Brigitte for earning their BH at the Inner City Working Dog Club IPO trial.


Congratulations to Eva & Brigitte to another success at this year's USCA National Championship in Nashville,TN  Eva & Brigitte 6x SCH3!


Congratulations to Yoyo & Brigitte at the 2012 North American Sieger Show in Chicago, IL placing 4rth in the working males class! VA4

Brigitte & Eva earned an IPO3 qualifying score for the USCA National Championship again and Grim earned his IPO2 8-19-2012!

Grim & Greta enjoying the beach!

Congratulations Grim & Brigitte for attaining their IPO1 in Warwick, NY at the Tri State Working Dog Club 7-21-2012!

Trial Photos Taken By Al Vinjamur


Von der Nordsee German Shepherds 2-16-2012

Brigitte & Eva earned another Schutzhund 3 at the USCA German Shepherd National Championship in Kansas City, Kansas!


Our Certified Service Dog, Eva


B litter Pedigree

Brigitte & Eva qualified for Schutzhund Nationals with scores of 90-94-86 at Free Dog Hundesport Working Dog Club in Lebanon, NJ 9-25-11.

High IPO 3 & High Obedience

 Eva & Brigitte earned their Schutzhund III!

 9-3-2011 at Merrimack Valley Working Dog Club's Schutzhund trial.

Eva & Brigitte earned their Schutzhund II! 

Photographer: Kira Marengi

 Southern New Hampshire Working Dog Club's Schutzhund trial 8-20-2011

German Shepherd Puppies Available! We are also expecting a beautiful solid black and black and tan litter from Giselle!

 8-4-2011 B Litter bred

8-2-2011 AKC GSD puppies

A litter


 Eva von Starke Pfoten SchH 3, IPO 3

Watch Video of Eva's Schutzhund 1

Congratulations to "Greta" for earning her TR1 (Schutzhund 1 tracking title) at the Merrimac Valley Working Dog Club      5-29-2011



The girls are learning to mush and ski jor!


Congratulations Eva! Schutzhund 1 title with scores of 87-98-97! High in trial, high in obedience, and high in protection!

Brigitte & Eva's Schutzhund 1 Trial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep7syRgzI-4

Greta, Giselle, & Eva all earned their AD title at the Merrimac Valley Working Dog Club Schutzhund Trial 11-14-2010.

Greta & Giselle received an SG and Eva received a G rating at the New England Regional Conformation Show 10-23-2010!

Brigitte Franco & Greta earned their BH at Merrimack Valley's Schutzhund Club trial 10-3-2010

Obedience is a daily focus, we're tracking a few days a week, and we try to leave one day for protection. The girls are busy training, but everyday we find family time for hiking, swimming, or cheering Scotty on at baseball.



Welcome to Von der Nordsee of  Fox Hill Farm... we specialize in breeding, raising, & training German Shepherds...but we offer professional dog training for ALL BREEDS!

Greta with our new colt, Linus, born 4-27-2013

Shepherd Love

New video of Snuggie training his retrieves and Ulu heeling!



Snuggie & son, Fuego

Brigitte & Grim after tracking in the snow 3-10-2013


Need help with training? Visit our DOG TRAINING page!


Congratulations Brigitte & Snuggie earning a BH at 16 months!


Brigitte & Snuggie Training



Brigitte training her 7 month old puppy, "Snuggie"


Our German Shepherds playing on the beach.


Our male, Grimmy, and our puppy, Bezos von der Nordsee playing together.

Click photo below of  "Asumo von der Nordsee" below to see video of our German Shepherd puppies on the Beach!



Our handsome male, Grael "Grim" vom GrimOrkie

Our German Shepherd Photo Gallery

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German Shepherd Puppies


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